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bôW DôWn Tô Thè HîGèR rÄcè
Wussup peepz, this page is foe all tha AZIANs
out there representin their set. If u wanna be Azian than thas kool too,
but for all those Azians who Claim white, black, latino, or anything other than
AZIAN, FuCk You! bannanas are ayght as fruits, but the people R fukin pathetiC, stop disCracing us AZIANS u fukin rejeCt mothera fuKers!!!
peaCe out Cuzz Y

"Azian pride is in my mind,
Azian blood is in my kind,
So step aside and let me through,
CuZz it's all about the Azian Crew,
Asian LuV is all around,
for my Fellow Asians never let me down,
Show your Pride and say it's true,
CuZz Asian blood flows through you.........."

..AsIaNs FoR a ChaNgE...
Asians for a change...
Azians have always been peaceful, and kept to themselves for years
That's because we couldn't look away our fears
Now we have a larger population
Allowing us more communication
It's a new culture, a new era,
It's time time for us to come out
2 show the world what we're all about
We all follow the teachings and beliefs of confusion and buddah
Raised with pride, Honor, Respect and charisma
We were brought up good, kind and caring
But because of our society, some of us changed ourselves to bad, mean and daring Now asians are the new talk of the news
Us and our gangs and our kick back crewz
We're the badest race 2 step the earth and that's a fact
It's not white, hispanic, it's not even black
White's sterotype, we have slanted eyes and study too much
We don't give a fuck about such and such
Hispanics calls us chinks, gooks and fobs
They're just jealous, cause we make fun of their jobs
White's and their fuckin kkk shit
We ain't scared, we ain't terrified a bit
Hispanics and their beaner gangs
We don't give a fuck, we just drive by and BANG! BANG! BANG!
White's try to discriminate us in every possible way
We don't give a fuck we don't care what they say
Beaners try 2 pick on us and try to have fun
They keep forgetting who has the bigger guns
It's all about pryde, if your azian, without no azian pride
You don't belong with us, you might as well step in 2 the other syde
We Have the most money and we're the smartest race
With our brains we can can control the entire place
Though we will never have domination
Cause we still have Azians killing Azians...
                                                              "M,        .mM"
                                                               IMIm    ,mIM"
                                              "IMmm,    ,IM:000IM:0IM,          ,m"
                                             "IMMIMMIMm:0IM::000IM00==mm ,mIM"
                                     __      ,mIM::0000MIM::00000IM:000mIMIM"
                                               ,IM". . ."IMIM". . . .,mMMMMMMMM"
                                             ,IM . . . .,IMM". . . ,mMMMMMMMMM"
                                            IM. . . .,mIIMM,. . ..mMMMMMMMMMM"
                                           IM.,IMI"""        ""IIMMMMMMMMMMM
                                            ;IMIM"                  ""IMMMMMMM
                                               ""                         "IMMMMM

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none of this shiet is copyrighted, well not by meeh anywayz. so go ahead an copy wuteva, das what i did.