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This page is dedicated to
mah Baby
Dreamin of You
First Love
Your're All That I Need
My song dedicated to her
Our song
Her song dedicated to me
"My First Love"
Your face was like a dream,
the cutest girl I've ever seen.
Was it luv i felt, I thought it might,
yup it was luv, luv at first sight.
U made all my little plans and devious schemes,
get lost like some forgotten dream.
How you smiled, and held my hand. 
You're so precious, I'll never lose you again. 
I think about you day and night,
with your eyes so big and bright.
I long to kiss your sexy-sweet lips,
I luv you right down to your finger tips.
I don't think that I'll ever see,
a couple nearly as cute, as you-n-me.
From this moment on I'll know,
exactly where my life must go.
To show you "I luv you" is what I do,
your devotion is all I need from you.
All I want is to call you mine,
and to have you til the end of time.
My love for you grows stronger day by day,
in your arms is where I plan to stay
My dreams are of you as I sleep, 
moments of passion that my dreams still keep.
Let me do all these things once more,
let me capture your love, my amour. 
A peach is a peach,
A plum is a plum,
A kiss isn't a kiss without some tounge,
so open up your mouth, close your eyes,
and give your tounge some exercise!!!
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