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AKA: Viet959, Bowzer
MARITAL STATUS: i'm single
AGE: year of da Horse (78)
L0CATI0N: olymipiC City(Atlanta) on tha East-Syde
NATI0NALITY: Vietnamese-n-Chinese
HEIGHT: 5'8 or so dependin on my posture
WEIGHT: about 130lbs
EYES: brown, green, grey
LIKES: intelligent peepz, honest peepz, freedom, nyCe strapz, finer things in lyfe, livin in tha fast lane
DISLIKES: fakes-n-wanna-bees, ConCieted peeps, IGN0RANCE, poe-poe, mah P0, IPS, hypoCrites, bad/slow drivers, generiC things, and a whole bunCh of other shiet.....
SCH00L: no, kinda quit for a Little while. but i do have my diploma
H0bbIES: shootin-stix, workin tha 3rd shift w/ mah G'z, fukin w/ fake peepz